Live beautifully

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Live Beautifully™ is a welcoming and inclusive lifestyle company that strives to support all individuals in experiencing everyday life at a deeper level.

It's a place where spirituality is grounded in our reality.

Through carefully created and curated content, experiences, products, and services we explore what matters most while trying not to lose our minds.  Gently guiding our community home to themselves while encouraging their spiritual path to be firmly rooted in the human experience and reminding them of the importance of our collective responsibility and connection to each other is our core objective.

Because let's face it, being human is hard, but if we can remember that we are all in this thing called life together, it makes it much more fun. 

Some beliefs we are currently exploring...

crop_wschod_mostek copy.jpeg live beautifully is to externally demonstrate ones inner values - a deep act of embodiment.

...true transformation requires time, tenderness, and effort.

...compassionately challenging conversations can effectively happen.

...cultivating curiosity and diversifying perspectives is a requirement for personal growth and development.

...self-directed evolution is sustainable with a strong support system.

...each individual has a collective responsibility.

...courageous love can lead to deep healing.

...respect is rooted in radical acceptance.

...deep devotion reigns supreme over strategic discipline. 

...fluidity and freedom can be found within structure.

...contradictory thoughts and beliefs can push us all beyond our current edges.

...strong opinions should be loosely held.

...information does not equal insight but can lead to it. 

...holistically approaching ones wellbeing collapses the time spent in suffering.

...self-exploration and discovery increases self-awareness and collective consciousness. 


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interested in one-on-one coaching with Lindsey rae?

Lindsey Rae at her core is a true seeker and cheerleader of emotional depth. An ever-evolving student and teacher who's compassionately driven journey to healing her own trauma led to a dynamic career in design, personal development, and wellness all through a spiritual lens. 

Combining years of interpersonal-organizational management and creative visual merchandising experience with personal therapeutic endeavors, spiritual studies, and professional training in a number of holistic healing modalities, Lindsey creates a unique environment for her client's transformational healing journey. 

Offering an inspiring blend of coaching and mentoring she supports courageous humans in what she likes to call "self-directed evolution." Always encouraging spiritual practices be grounded in the human experience, her teachings are rooted firmly in the cultivation of peace, establishment of foundational love, and the education of true strength

She is committed to gently challenging individuals to drop beneath the surface level chaos of the self-help and wellness world to focus on the real (inner) work. Guiding them along the path and encouraging them to cultivate more depth and beauty in their life while reminding them of their collective responsibility and connection to one another. 


In addition to her one-on-one and group coaching work, she is also the creative director and founder of a conflict-free and environmentally conscious fine jewelry company that specializes in custom designs. Lindsey Rae is also currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology.

You can find more about Lindsey Rae by following her all over social media @withLindseyRae.