A Chef Prepared Bridal Shower

More often than not, bridal showers consist of the typical mimosa-filled brunch, "how well do you know the bride" games, and the occasional opening of an awkward gift. The bridal shower luncheon I attended a few weeks ago in Seattle, however, was anything but typical. Yes, there was a sparkling cocktail, but it happened to be a 'Sparkling Lavender Lemon Drop' made personally by local Chef, Leora Bloom. As the guests arrived we snacked on Yakima Peppers Peperonata with Chanterelles and watched as Leora walked us through the preparation for each dish we delightfully consumed later that afternoon. All of the ingredients were local and the recipes which can be found in her book, Washington Food Artisans, are sourced from local farmers and fellow chefs.

Check out Chef Leora Bloom on her blog, twitter & Facebook page to learn more about her quest in being a Locavore.